Gadgets are still an important part of the world today. People all over the world use gadgets to perform different tasks and duties. They are used by people in work and at home. Gadgets give speed, convenience and reliability to modern life.
The word “gadget” has been defined in various ways, but it is usually described as an item of known value which has only a limited use over an extended period of time. The definition of gadgets varies according to whether their purpose is recreational or practical, but even if we focus on their practical application, there are not many gadgets that have gained widespread popularity.

technology is a latest gadgets. Generally, it was classified into 4 types: mobile devices, desktop devices, video gaming and entertainment device like television, sound equipment and others. Gadget can be connected to operate through wireless transmission system or wired connection. In today’s age, the advancement of computer is growing at an alarming rate. The evolution in technology has revolutionized how people view their everyday lives.