BTS in Busan: Everything you need to know Highlights (BTS ARMY) #love

bts in busan

On Saturday, Busan was bathed in purple as BTS gave their much anticipated free concert, which was broadcast live on Weverse. The septet performed on some of the most anticipated songs, including the freshly released Run BTS, in front of ARMYs from all over the world. The band opened the performance with Mic Drop before launching right into RUN BTS without giving the audience a chance to catch their breath. Other songs they performed included Butterfly, Butter, Cypher Pt. 3, Ugh, Fire, and an emotionally charged Spring Day.

While performing, BTS emphasised that even though they didn’t know when their next performance would be, they would never stop providing music for their fans despite the fact that their military service resolution is still up in the air. The resounding refrain of the evening was “Pls keep believing in us.”

img BTS

V was teased by the other members while sporting an off-the-shoulder red shirt. Prior to the Busan concert, RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V, and Jungkook practiced on Friday night.

During their practise in Busan, BTS members’ previous antics caused the crowd to scream and shout . On Friday night, RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V, and Jungkook practised on stage before the show. Online, there are many videos and images of the participants. Fans have recently started posting a video of V, nicknamed Kim Taehyung, singing while teased by the other members while donning an off-the-shoulder red blouse.

img BTS

In the clip, which was released in segments, V tied the strings on the members’ purple hoods, and then Jin, Jimin, and Jungkook began yanking at his shirt. In one of the videos, Jungkook teases V by trying to take his shirt out of its buttoned position. Another participant unbuttoned his shirt to reveal his naked breast. Later, V made supporters shout by wearing the garment below his shoulder. Additionally, he made Jungkook giggle by posing in front of him.

A drone show was performed for ARMY, which heightened the emotion of the night.

The V-Min hug

J-Hope grabbing Jimin to make him stay and sing

Run BTS performance

The drone show 

Ray of hope regarding the future

You’ll be there when we announce the tour? Jin also mentioned that this was the final scheduled concert for the year and that they don’t know when the next one is. Jimin later stated that they always want to keep making songs for them, “even when we are 70.” RM asked ARMY to continue trusting in them.

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Although this is BTS’s final concert of the year, there are still plans for collaborations and a possible Run BTS episode. In all likelihood, the choice to enlist in the military would be decided by December, just before the birthday of the oldest family member, Jin.

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